Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Customization - Anklets A011 & A012

OS just custom made 2 beautiful swarovski crystal anklets for Lil, our VIP customer.
Check out the pics ! Remake is possible and let us know your colour choice yah!


A011 - Measures 9 inch 

A012 - Measures 9 inch

To determine your anklet size, measure your ankle at the point where your bracelet will rest. You can also use a string or measurement tape to measure the circumference and then measure the string with a ruler. You may want to add about a half-inch to the measurement. Plus size anklets are ordered by inches, starting at a size 8 and running through a size 12. There will be an additional charges of RM8 for sizes from 14-16 inches.

To order, kindly fill the Order Form. 

Do not copy or mass produce. Please always give credit to the designer. Thank you for respecting designers's copyright.

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